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Wacaco Coffee Mat


The functional and compact Wacaco Coffee Mat is the perfect companion for a clean bench and coffee prep area that suits portable coffee machines, such as the range the Wacaco are famous for. The Multi-purpose- drying mat, tamping mat, preparation mat etc., will quickly become an essential tool to add to your coffee gear. Made of food-grade silicone, it’s completely odourless.

Large enough to fit a full disassembled Nanopresso on to dry. Being made from Silicone means it's hard wearing and won't rip or tear very easy. Ridged lines assist in the run off of water and grounds, so when your clean brewer is placed on the mat, it is raised above any small amount of grinds that may be present.

*Note accessories shown are not included.

Wacaco Coffee Mat Features

Compact and Lightweight – Suits travel brewers and would make an ideal mat for home on the kitchen bench.

Clean Prep Area – Maintain a clean prep and brew area with a designated mat for brewing and drying on.

Dishwasher Safe – Make a mess? No worries. Place it in the Dishwasher and it’s clean. 

High Quality Silicone – Tough enough to withstand daily use of brewing and cleaning, no rips, tears or wearing.


  • Wacaco Coffee Mat


  • Material: 100% silicon
  • Dimensions: 250mm x 176mm x 8mm
  • Weight: 255 g