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Trinity Origin Decanter


The Origin Decanter is the minimalist, low-tech coffee brewer designed to unleash the natural expression of aromas and flavours from the origin of your coffee.

We believe Filter Coffee remains under-appreciated, and undiscovered by many. This is partly to blame for years of poor quality perception - from deficiencies in sourcing and supply right through to processing, roasting, brewing and finally the experience of drinking. Consumers have learned to expect 'bad, bitter, cheap' tastes from brewed coffee, and conversely at the same time have become more accustomed to drinking milk based and sweetened espresso coffee drinks in many cultures.

This perception is something we plan to change. 

Never before has the quality of farming and green bean supply been so high, the attention to detail in processing and roasting so particular, and the knowledge base of brewing being so vast and accessible. We think filtered coffee should take up a much bigger space in the coffee market - it truly is a remarkable drink that consumers are simply missing out on!

What do coffee and wine have in common? 

The answer is Origin. With specialty coffee quality advancing quickly, Filter Coffee is now expressing the distinctive expression of its 'terroir', in the same way that we already appreciate and understand wine. The Origin Decanter is specifically designed to unlock the unique expression of each and every cup, without the need for built in apps or technology.

The healthier lower impact choice. 

In a time where people are more health conscious and looking to be socially responsible, drinking brewed filter coffee has never made more sense, in order to minimise our impacts on the environment and improve our overall health and wellbeing. Not to mention, experiencing the delicate coffee flavours as nature intended.


There are already countless brewing devices in the marketplace, but we have included some innovative design features which make our product a stand out, and advantageous over the rest.

We have designed a simple yet very handy 'sequence grid seal system' that allows you to customise the flow rate and flow channeling through the coffee and filter module.

This means that you can brew with a broader range of grind coarseness settings with either an increased or decreased output flow rate or altered channelling pattern to brew your perfect cup.

You can use the Origin Decanter 'as-is' out of the box for effortless brewing, or experiment with as many combinations of grid seal patterns as you like to profile your brewing extraction.

We have also integrated the filter module and decanter together into one minimalist brewing piece. This is not only more pleasing to the eye, but also keeps the water and coffee contact closer together to prevent unnecessary heat losses during brewing.

The integrated design makes the Origin Decanter a cheaper option than other alternative products where you buy filter module and decanter separately.


All you need to brew a great cup with the Origin Decanter is fresh filter coffee, a filter paper, and a kettle (gooseneck best). See below for our step by step brewing guide which will get you started.

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The Origin Decanter Filter Module is compatible with Kalita Wave 155 filters. We will also be supplying our own compatible non-bleached and compost friendly paper filters.

We are developing three options - glass, matte black ceramic and high quality 316 stainless steel (made in Brisbane).

We've manufactured our glassware from high quality borosilicate, and added 0.5mm wall thickness compared to standard brewing products we tested, for extra durability.

See the Origin Decanter in Action: