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Trinity One - Black Edition

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The Trinity ONE Black Edition is the latest brewing product to be added to the already successful Trinity Coffee Co. line up.Just like the original Walnut Edition funded on Kickstarter, you can brew multiple methods including pour over (use V60 or Chemex filters), immersion (hot and cold), and the unique innovative gravity press method that not only provides a hands-off brewing experience and frees up time, but also provides incredible brew consistency and repeatable results.

What’s new? T1 Black also comes with a new ball valve flow controller that is opened and closed simply by twisting the timber handle. Use it to control immersion brew time, stop unwanted drips or set a slow drip rate for cold drip coffee when used with the Origin Decanter.

Trinity ONE Black Edition Features:

  • 3-in-1 Function - Your go-to filter coffee making device for Press, Drip and Immersion brew methods and more.
  • Gravity Press – The only coffee maker that can press with gravity for unique extraction and consistent results.
  • Non-bypass filter – Innovative non-bypass filter design means clean filtered coffee.
  • Ball valve flow control – control your filtered coffee flow with precision.
  • High quality build – Assembled in matte black carbon steel, matte finished stainless steel and sustainably sourced natural bamboo. 
  • Award Winning design – International Good Design Selection Award winner 2017.

Product Includes:

  • 2.25kg Press Cylinder
  • Brew Chamber & Stand
  • Flow Controller with 180μm 304 Stainless Steel Disk Filter (paper filter not included)
  • Press Cap and Brew Chamber seal.

Available Styles:

  • See the Limited Edition Walnut Edition – Here.