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Ten Mile Latte Art Stencils 16-Piece Set


The world is your latte art canvas and the Ten Mile Coffee stencils allow the barista to create a masterpiece using just a few simple tools and some knowledge of design. 

Each set consists of patterns that allow for up to 16 different designs on a single cup. The more you practice, the better you'll get at creating beautiful lattes on all shapes and sizes.

Dust Chocolate over them and watch as the chocolate is slowly absorbed onto the milk, lift your stencil away and voila! Creating a beautiful and tasty design is seconds. You can repeat this process to create more designs, just make sure you wash them off after use.

The easy-to-use stencils can be used over and over again. You can also use them for all kinds of other creative art projects.

Ten Mile Coffee Latte Art Stencils FEATURES

16 Unique Designs – From the Heart to a Maple Leaf and everything in between!

Personalise your Drinks – Choose your favorite and make several drinks all different at once.

Superb Latte art in Seconds – Dust Chocolate over the stencil and the pattern will appear.

Stainless Steel Stencils – Made from Food Grade Stainless Steel for durable use.

Dishwasher Safe – Clean after each use quick and easy in the Dishwasher.


  • 16 x Ten Mile Coffee Stencils (16 Unique Stainless Steel Stencils)


Material Stainless Steel
Number of Stencils 16
Patterns 1. Heart

2. Smiley Face 

3. I love You

4. Coffee Cup

5. Love

6. Coffee Beans

7. Stars

8. The Moon

9. Double Love Heart

10. Love Heat with an Arrow

11. Birds

12. Maple Leaf

13. Christmas tree

14. Ribbon Bow Tie

15. Sun

16. Panda