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Staresso Mirage Espresso Maker

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Staresso - Espresso Coffee Maker (Mirage)

STARESSO Mirage is an innovative coffee maker that is the latest version of Staresso. The portable coffee maker that you can now order at Otten Coffee has a design concept such as a UFO: the body part resembles an energy tank, with a folding bracket transformed into a "metal beetle". After developing the bracket, this tool looks like a flying rocket which according to the manufacturer is an expression of the desire of coffee fans who are always looking for better steaks and innovation.

  • With patented technology, Staresso Mirage is a portable coffee maker that can be adjusted accordingly. You can make espresso, Americano, cold brew or French press with one Staresso Mirage device.
  • The Staresso Mirage bar pressure can be adjusted according to your needs, ranging from 0-20 bars. Water capacity can also be adjusted from 50-180 ml. This range of capacity variations allows you to make coffee according to your preferences.

Staresso Mirage, which was produced by Shenzhen Staresso Culture from Shenzhen, China, has been awarded in the field of design by RedDot 21 because of its innovation.

See the Staresso in Action: