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Rhinowares Black Stealth Milk Pitcher - 12oz/360ml

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Rhinowares Black Stealth Milk Jugs are the ideal for at home or in the cafe designed by real baristas in the speciality coffee industry. Featuring a refined spout perfect for latte art resulting in a precision pour for the training or expert barista. With a Premium non stock coating to ensure it is food safe using a double coating system. The non-stick milk pitchers from Rhinowares answer the coffee industry's plea for a pitcher which is super easy to keep clean! The teflon finish combines convenience with quality. The body is 1mm stick stainless steel which is a great weight for baristas.


  • Premium Non-Stick coating ensuring a food safe and durable milk jug
  • Non Stick is easy to clean
  • 1mm thick stainless steel body
  • Professional spout for latte art and smooth pouring
  • Comfort handle ensuring easy use for long periods

Cleaning Tip: It's not recommended that the non-stick pitchers be washed in the dishwasher.  For best results for a longer surface life, clean with warm soapy water using a non-abrasive pad.


1 x Rhinowares Black Stealth Milk Jug 12Oz - 360ml

Available Sizes:

  • 360ml
  • 600ml
  • 950ml

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