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Rhino Thumpa Top Base and Rod Set


Replacement top, bottom, rubber cover and rod for Rhino Coffee Gear Thumpa waste tubes.
If you want to save on shipping costs, the Thumpa set works out as a great solution as it ships in a very low weight and compact package to anywhere on the globe. All you need is a 150mm diameter pipe to fit into the top and bottom to complete the tube. Typically, a few dabs of plumbers glue will help secure the base.

The Thumpa Set also offers a great solution for branding, by allowing the user to paint or vinyl coat the body of their choice

This option also allows you to customise the height to suit the application.

Suits most brands and models of existing commercial knock tubes.

Helpful Tip: If you're having trouble joining the Thumpa Rod and Rubber sleeve together, please do not bang them together. This friction can cause the two parts to bind together. Instead, apply a small amount of olive oil or other food grade lubricant to the parts and join together.