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Ratio 6 Spare Parts


Like having your own personal barista at home, the Ratio 6 delivers an expertly brewed cup of pour-over style coffee with a touch of a button. Restore the premium feel and performance of your favourite coffee maker with these original Ratio 6 replacement parts.

These spare parts for the Ratio 6 are the same make as what you get out of the box when you buy a Ratio 6 Coffee Maker. All these original spare parts are made with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

Though practically indestructible, components of your Ratio 6 Coffee Maker can show some wear and tear after months or years of use. Or sometimes, they simply get misplaced. These spare parts will get your Ratio 6 working like new.

Thermal Carafe (silver/black/SS)

Made with stainless steel, this double-wall carafe with a lid can keep up to 1 litre of coffee hot for hours. Its stainless steel construction doesn’t leave a metallic taste and is easy to clean.

Filter Basket (silver/black/SS)

The secret to Ratio 6’s delicate brews is its flat bottomed filter which helps ensure even extraction. This filter basket holds standard flat bottomed paper filters.

Flat Basket Lid

The Ratio 6’s custom heat shield lid acts as a heat-retention wall around the showerhead, helping maintain the ideal temperature of the coffee as it drips down to the carafe.

Ratio UL Bottom Catcher

When you’re done brewing, set down your coffee basket on this custom drip tray to refrain from making a mess as you serve yourself and your guests coffee.