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Puly Caff Group Head Cleaner Powder

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Puly Caff Plus Professional Commercial Coffee Espresso Machine Cleaner for Coffee Espresso Machines / Makers PUL0131

  • Manufactured by Group Asachimici
  • Ideal for the maintenance of espresso coffee machines
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • NSF certified

This popular cleaning powder is used to remove coffee residues from your coffee making equipment. Typically it is added to the blind filter when backflushing an espresso machine that has a commercial-type group head (one with a pressure release mechanism). The manufacturer recommends using one spoon of the powder in the blind filter.

If backflushing is not appropriate for your machine then this product can be dissolved in warm water and used manually to clean around the group head and to clean the filter holder and filter baskets. We recommend you wear gloves for this.