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Pullman TampSure Kit


Pullman TampSure Kit

The Pullman TampSure is the answer to ensure consistency in a busy cafe environment.  With multiple baristas (and levels of barista expertise), all with their own tamping style, force and technique, creating a consistent shot of espresso can pose real challenges.

The TampSure can be a great help by way of correct and accurate dose control. It ensures each extraction is tamped to the same depth every time, no matter how much pressure is applied, resulting in consistent and repeatable quality. Because it's so easy to use, the barista is more efficient and training of new staff is also less expensive and easier! Adjustable adaptors sets available to allow for differing head room according to the density of coffee you are using (8-13mm).  The full kit carries 6 sizes. 

To learn how to adjust the TampSure, see the clip below:


And to watch the TampSure in action, check this out: