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Pullman Coffee Tamper, Barista - Jarrah Flat 58mm



Pullman Tampers are engineered to provide optimal results for a lifetime.

A level coffee bed is the key to balanced espresso and can only be achieved using a tamper that fits your hand comfortably. Meet the Pullman Australian Jarrah Barista 58mm, the tamper that will adapt to you.

The tamper includes 3 different spacers that provide 8 height options and can raise the tamper handle up 15mm. Try different spacer combinations to find the most comfortable and sustainable setting. Your hand and wrist will thank you.

Stop tamping coffee and start tamping coffee evenly. The TrueTamp rings built into the base of the tamper let you know how level your tamp is, empowering you to refine your technique to achieve better espresso.

The tamper is built from premium 304 grade stainless steel and has an Australian Oak handle treated with Danish oil. The Australian engineers behind Pullman expect their tampers to be able to serve you flawlessly for many years.

The entire tamper is easily cleaned by wiping off coffee grounds and rinsing with warm water. Refrain from using harsh chemicals and dry immediately after rinsing. The Jarrah will slowly absorb the oils from your hand, so re-oiling is not necessary.

Not sure which size tamper you need? Click HERE for a reference list.

Pullman Jarrah Barista 58mm Features

Customizable Height - 3 stackable spacers provide 8 height options over 15mm to provide you with unmatched tamping comfort.

TrueTamp Level Rings - Built into the side of the tamper base to help you achieve a level tamp every time.

Life-Time Buy - Engineered in Australia to serve you for your entire life using premium grade materials.

This product includes includes:

  • 1 Tamper Base
  • 1 Tamper Handle
  • 3 Adjustable Height Spacers

The Specifics

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel, Jarrah
  • Size: 58mm
  • Base: Flat

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