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Precision Swivel Head Cleaning Brush


Make sure your espresso machine is always clean and in the best condition for brewing coffee. Use the Precision Swivel Head Cleaning Brush to keep your grouphead, shower screen, and seals clean and free of debris. The tilted brush allows you to reach deep into the grouphead and the steam wand so you can clean it with ease. 

It can also be used to clean around your grouphead for a quick and easy way to keep your machine in top condition. The sleek design includes a chemical measurement spoon and a plastic rigid cleaning tool for removing hard to clean milk stains from the metal steam wand without scratching the surface.

With replaceable brush heads, durable bristles and is dishwasher safe it makes it very easy to use when cleaning any espresso machine.

Precision Swivel Head Cleaning Brush FEATURES

Tilted Brush – Make it easy to clean under & in the grouphead without a fuss.

Hard Bristles – When scrubbing is required, you can rely on this brush.

Milk Scum Tool – A raised plastic ridge in the handle assists in cleaning milk scum without scratching the wand.

Chemical Cleaner Measurement – Accurately dose your espresso machine cleaner.


  • Precision Swivel Head Cleaning Brush


Materials Plastic
Bristle Dimensions Ø 15mm   (L) 30mm
Dimensions Ø 30mm (L) 170mm
Weight 25g