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Precision Soft Grinder Brush


The Precision Soft Grinder Brush is a must have for any clean coffee bar. This brush gets into hard to reach areas that traditional grinder brushes can get stuck in. The soft bristles are soft enough to clean the grinder without causing damage, but strong enough to get all the grounds out.

Modelling from smooth light wood and finished with a lacquer to make it shine, the Precision Soft Grinder Brush will be the most under-rated piece of equipment on the bar, whilst blending in to any high-tech or home coffee espresso set-up.

Precision Soft Grinder Brush FEATURES

Tight Grouped Bristles – Soft bristles, grouped together to avoid fraying.

Narrow Design – Able to get up in the chute of the grinder to clear in blockages.

Wood Handle Finish – Beautiful looking brush to suit any style of set-up.


  • Precision Soft Grinder Brush


Materials Wood, Synthetic Bristles
Bristle Length 40mm
Dimensions Ø 15mm (L) 180mm
Weight 25g