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Precision Pour Over Kettle


The Precision Pour Over Kettle is a sleek, beautifully constructed kettle that's perfect for filter coffee brewing. The gooseneck spout provides you with precise control over the water flow resulting in a much more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee and allows you to easily pour hot water over your ground coffee. 

Its wooden handle is heat resistant and can be safely placed on gas or electric stoves. It's also made of metal, making it durable enough for daily use and keeping your water hot for longer. 

The Pour Over Kettle is a simple, elegant way to enjoy coffee.  Designed with an ergonomic, heat resistant handle, y it's also 400ml capacity ensures that you won't run out of water before finishing your brew.

Precision Pour Over Kettle FEATURES

Controlled Flow in Pouring – Get precision in your pouring to increase extraction and flavour.

Wooden Accents – With the lid and handle made of beautiful wood, they’re heat resistant.

400ml Capacity – Easily enough water for a 1-2 cup brew.

Ergonomic Handle – Tilted for ease of pouring on an angle with thumb grip on top.

Gas & Electric Stove Compatible – Can be used on Gas or Electric stovetops.


  • Precision Pour Over Kettle


Materials Stainless Steel, Wood.
Capcity 400ml


Available Colours

  • Black
  • White