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Precision Knock Box


The Precision Knock Box is an easy to use, durable knocker and bench-top espresso bar accessory. It is perfect for home or cafe use to dispose of your grounds. The knock box can hold up to 15-20 pucks of espresso. The rubber knocker will not scratch the surface of your portafilter so you can knock without worry.

This compact unit features an easy-to-replace rubber knocker, that is clearly visible and perfectly placed on the top of the unit, where it will be easily accessible for everyone in your coffee bar. 

You can't beat a good barista. But you can give them the tools they need to make a perfect shot every time. Using this knock box will remove the coffee waste quickly and quietly so you can get on with your morning ritual.

Precision Knock Box FEATURES

Easy Used Grounds Disposal – Knock your used espresso pucks directly into the waste tube.

Sized For Home Use – At 135mm Wide x 150mm High, it’s perfectly sized for home use without taking up too much space.

Durable Construction – Built with durable plastic and rubber that’ll last for years.


  • Precision Knock Box
  • Rubber Knocker Rod


Materials Plastic, Rubber
Dimensions (mm) (W) 135 (H) 150
Weight 350g
Compatible Replacement Sleeve  RKWC Replaceable Rubber Sleeve