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Breville Drip Coffee Maker Gold Tone Filter

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The Drip Coffee Maker Gold Tone Filter is a replacement coffee filter basket designed for the Breville Precision Brewer. It is the largest fitting basket on the Breville Precision, capable of holding upwards of 200g of ground coffee and making 1.8L of brewed coffee.

Gold-plated Mesh does not interfere with the flavour of the coffee, allowing the oils and subtle notes in to the cup whilst actively holding back the smallest of ground particles back, that make your last few sips full of grit and grinds.

Easy to use in the Breville Precision, they are a sustainable way to brew coffee without concern of running out of paper filters.

Breville Drip Coffee Maker Gold Tone Filter FEATURES

Gold Plated Filter – For extra strength and filtration properties.

Large Grind Capacity – Will fit the maximum dose used on the Breville Precision. 

Easy to Clean – Simply run under the tap to remove any excess oils or grind build-up.


1 x Drip Coffee Maker Gold Tone Filter


Materials Plastic, Gold-Plated Mesh
Capacity 200g
Compatible With Breville Precision Brewer