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Melitta Anti Calc Bio Liquid Descaler


Melitta Anti Calc Bio Liquid Descaler is a multi-use liquid descaler that removes stubborn limescale deposits in all coffee preparing scenarios, such as; filter coffee machines, kettles, fully automatic coffee machines and single portion machines. It is also suitable for use in food preparation areas.

As a soft and environmentally friendly liquid descaler, the citric acid has already been dissolved and so can be used immediately, it only needs to be diluted. Regular descaling not only prolongs the lifetime of your appliance, it also ensures that you can prepare coffee beverages with optimal and consistent flavour. 

Melitta Bio-descaler products contain the completely biodegradable active ingredient citric acid for environmentally friendly descaling of the most diverse appliances.

Melitta Anti Calc Bio Liquid Descaler FEATURES

Environmentally Friendly –  Using a completely biodegradable active ingredient, citric acid

High Performance Cleaning – A thorough and safe clean of your brewing equipment. 

Portion Controlled – 250ml, diluted using 40 - 50ml of cleaning liquid.

No Residual Taste or Odor – Formulated to be soft and gentle on materials.


  • Melitta Anti Calc Bio Liquid Descaler 250ml


Quantity 250ml, for up-to 6 Applications - 40-50ml each time.


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