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ACF Cup & Saucer 6 Set – 3oz


ACF cups are a hallmark for quality porcelain manufacturing. Designed with thicker walls for long lasting durability, they will keep you coffee at the ideal drinking temperature for longer. With a rounder base that fits comfortably in your hand, it s that perfect edge for pouring latte art.

ACF cups feel absolutely great to hold and will provide a more enjoyable experience for both the Barista and the drinker, making it the preferred cup for coffee. Size matching your takeaway cups with your dine-in cups is simple with 5 industry standard sizes available: 3oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz.

With a range of 8 eye-catching colours that will match your decor, the porcelain has been fired at extremely high temperatures to ensure they ll withstand commercial use of in and out of the cafe dishwasher.

Ideal size for: Espresso s, Piccolo s and Babycino's


  • World Renowned Manufacturing Highly regarded amongst the Specialty Coffee Industry for being the best cups for commercial use.
  • Highest Quality Porcelain They say drinking out of porcelain always taste better. Consider now drinking out of the best possible porcelain and how this will influence your experience.
  • Designed with Barista In-put Round bottoms on all the cups makes it the preferred coffee cup for the serious latte artists.
  • 8 Eye-Catching Colour options White, Black, Red, Grey, Midnight Blue, Green, Sky Blue and the iconic ACF brown loved among industry professionals.
  • Keeps your coffee warmer for longer Thicker walls improves heat stability to keep you coffee at its optimal drinking temperature.
  • Ergonomic feel The weight, smoothness, roundness and finish make the ACF cups a pleasure to use and drink out of.


  • 6 x ACF Cups 3oz
  • 6 x ACF Saucers (fit 3oz ACF Cups)


Cup Height 57mm Cup Diameter 65mm Saucer Diameter 110mm Cup Weight 96g Saucer Weight 140g Cup Volume 3oz / 88ml### Available Styles

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Midnight Blue
  • Green
  • Sky Blue
  • ACF brown. The iconic colour loved among industry professionals.