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Precision Coffee Collar Dosing Ring


You’ll wonder how you ever did without it

The Precision Dosing Ring seem just like another accessory to add to an already overcrowded arsenal of barista tools, but looking closer at what these humble rings of metal do, you may easily come to understand their significance.

Minimise waste and mess, improve consistency.

When placed on top of the portafilter whilst grinding directly into the basket, the Precision Dosing Ring acts as the perfect funnel catching all the coffee grounds that may have otherwise found their way onto the bench from the grinder that’s not always as clean as we’d like it.

The high angle on the sides allows the coffee to find a naturally level in the basket and barrier to assist you in distributing the coffee evenly without making an unnecessary mess.


  • Consistent dosing every time
  • Minimal waste when grinding and distributing
  • Stainless Steel, easy to clean and store


  • Fits standard 58mm Portafilters
  • Available in Rose Gold, Black, Gold, and Stainless Steel