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Rhino Pitcher Rinser Bench Station

The Rhino Coffee Gear Vessel Rinser Bench Station has been designed to provide another installation option for cafes, restaurants, bars and other venues. Perfect for spaces which don't allow for in-bench vessel rinser installations, the Rhino Bench Station lifts the vessel rinser up off the bench in its own stainless steel casing.

This bench station removes the hassle of cutting large holes in your benchtop, and is suitable for cafes which have stone, concrete, stainless or timber workstations.

The RHPRRIS300 suits the Rhino 300mm Rinser and the Rhino 300mm Rinser with Blender Attachment, and the RHPRRIS600 suits the Rhino 600mm Rinser, Rhino 600mm Spinjet Rinser, and all Rhino 600mm Rinser Blender Attachment kits.

  • Length: 358mm (approx.)
  • Length Incl. Tabs and Gasket: 393mm (approx.)
  • Width: 240mm
  • Width Incl. Tabs and Gasket: 269mm (approx.)
  • Depth: 100mm (approx.)