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Portafilter for ROK and Presso


The Portafilter for ROK and Presso, with single spout is used on the ROK & Presso Espresso Makers. With the spout on,  it keeps a nice steady stream of espresso flowing into your cup with no mess with random squirting out the side. 

Having the addition of a second portafilter opens up the ability to make shots quickly and efficiently back to back by brewing with one and having the second coffee ready to be brewed the moment the first is finished. 

Primarily built out of engine-grade aluminum that is guaranteed by the company to last 10 years, the ROK is a durable espresso maker, with a few plastic parts that are BPA-Free. The portafilter is compatible with the detachable double-spout that comes with the ROK for splitting espresso shots between two people or beverages. The aluminum portafilter is easy to clean, is durably constructed.