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Porlex Green Tea Mill


The Porlex Tea Mill is the perfect way to grind your own matcha powder at home. This tea mill is made in Japan for Porlex, so uses the quality ceramic burrs that the other Porlex grinders use. Ceramic is great in grinders because it protects the flavour and lasts for many years (just be gentle with them as they can break fairly easily if dropped!)

The burrs can be removed for cleaning and also can be adjusted from course to very fine.

What are the benefits of grinding your own matcha powder?

First of all it saves money, as traditional matcha powder can be fairly expensive. It also gives you the flexibility to try other teas: Tencha, Gyokuro, Sencha or Bancha. Grinding tea provides the full health benefits offered by green teas - rather than just drinking the infused brew, grinding allows for the consumption of the entire tea leaf.

And because there are so many health benefits touted from green tea, having a tea mill means you can incorporate it in all kinds of creative ways: use it in your smoothies, yogurt or on ice cream; sprinkle it on your salad. The sky's the limit!

Porlex recommends removing tea stems prior to grinding.

Easy to disassemble for cleaning!