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Peak Water Jug Replacement Cartridges


The two Peak Water Jug Filter Replacements Cartridges you receive are compatible with your Peak Water Jug and are ideal to replace your old filter every two to three months to ensure proper hygiene and effectiveness of the filter.  Peak Water Filters feature a premium dual-ion resin, coupled with carbon filtration, designed to tackle a variety of tap waters around the world.

Up to 6 months of Filtration

When your Filter has come to the end of its life, you will need to remove and replace it with a fresh one. 

How to replace the Filter:

  1. Hold the dial in the RELEASE position
  2. Remove the Lid and use the ring pull to lift the Filter up and out of the Liner.
  3. Replace with New Filter
  4. Prime new Filter Cartridge.

Considering 98% of your daily coffee is water, optimizing the water that came straight out of your tap to brew consistent deliciously tasting coffee is possible with the Peak Water Filter Jug.

Peak Water Jug designers, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and PhD chemist Christopher Hendon acknowledge that around the world the quality of the tap water varies widely, and as a world first they made sure you can dial in and discover the optimal range of filtration depending on the quality of your tap to produce the ideal coffee brewing water.

Hard Water typically produces lifeless and dull flavours.

The Peak Water is able to be used with any coffee brew methods, and also including brewing tea, by removing the unwanted excessive mineral content from the water, you increase its extraction capabilities by allowing more of the ideal flavours to be pronounced in the end coffee. And you’ll even taste the difference in the water itself prior to brewing.

These filters are fully recyclable with regenerable duel-ion resin. Unfortunately the recycling scheme is currently only available in the UK, but we’re working with Peak Water to make recycling these cartridges accessible and successful across the world.

Peak Water Jug Replacement Cartridges FEATURES

Easy to Replace – Simply Remove the old filter and drop in the new one.

Ready to Use – Once primed with water and flushed out once it’s ready to go.

Taste the Difference – With New filtration you’ll taste the clarity and sweet flavours once again.


  • 2 x Peak Water Replacement Cartridges


Materials BPA-Free Plastics, Dual-Ion Resin Filter
Filter Life Expectancy 2-3 months
Number of Cartridges 2
Compatible With Peak Water Filter Jug


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