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Peak Water Jug


The Peak Water Jug is no ordinary Water Jug, and considering 98% of your daily coffee is water, imagine optimising the water that came straight out of your tap to brew consistent deliciously tasting coffee simply by filling this jug. Often these styles of filters are expensive or huge under the counter styles connections in cafes. Not with the Peak Water.

But Peak Water Jug designers, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and PhD chemist Christopher Hendon go one step further and acknowledge that around the world the quality of the tap water varies widely, and as a world first - they made sure you can dial in and discover the optimal range of filtration depending on the quality of your tap to produce the ideal coffee brewing water.

You’ll taste the difference even before you brew.

Before you begin, every Peak Jug comes with two Test Strips to verify your water hardness. From there referring to the water filter guidelines, turn the dial on the top of the lid between 1-5 and adjust the filtration and bypass to achieve a cleaner, less hard water – ideal for brewing vibrant and juicier sweet coffee flavours.

Unlike other filter jugs that have a ‘one size fits all’ approach and focus solely on lime scale, the Peak is all about flavour!

 Hard Water typically produces lifeless and dull flavours.

The Peak Jug is able to be used with any coffee brew methods, and also including brewing tea, by removing the unwanted excessive mineral content from the water, you increase its extraction capabilities by allowing more of the ideal flavours to be pronounced in the end coffee. And you’ll even taste the difference in the water itself prior to brewing.


  • Adjustable Filter – Test your water first then refer to the guidelines to begin your journey.
  • Household Style Pitcher – Styled like a common water jug, fits in your fridge. Makes ideal water for coffee and tea brewing.
  • Increases Flavour Clarity – By removing unwanted hardness in water, you extract more of the delicious flavours and allow them to be more pronounced in the cup.
  • Easy to Use – Simply adjust the filter to suit. Fill the 2.4L jug with Tap water let it durian down and pour out.
  • Sustainable Product – Peak Water gives away a portion of every jug sold to help bring water to coffee growing communities.


  • Peak Water Filter Jug (2.4L)
  • Filter
  • Water Hardness Test Strips
  • User Manual


Materials - BPA-Free
Jug Capacity - 2.4L
Filtered Water Chamber Capacity - 1.2L
Filter Life Expectancy - 2 Months
Dimensions - 220mm (L) x 270mm (W) x 110mm (D)
Weight - 450g (empty)