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Origami Dripper


The Origami Dripper is a stunning and highly functional Ceramic Pour Over Dripper for the coffee enthusiast who wishes to brew the finest tasting cup of coffee possible.

Simple yet elegant, the Origami design is a Japanese art of paper folding that has been practised for centuries. The Dripper of the same name is inspired by the spirit of the playfully, colourful and creative, but delicate craft and shares much of this through brewing coffee.

The 20 evenly spaced deep vertical grooves down the pour-over dripper produce an unobstructed flow of water through your bed of coffee grounds, with air pockets created between the filter and the Dripper to regulate the brew time, resulting in a perfect extraction every time. 

The Mino porcelain used in making the Origami Drippers is one of Japan’s most prestigious potteries with more than 400 years of history. Renowned for unmatched quality and durability, porcelain has a fantastic thermal conductivity as well as enhancing the characteristics of the brew with a full aroma and extraction to the fullest extent.

The conical shape of the Dripper offers the best shape to fit most brew stands and carafes. The Origami Dripper is cherished by those who love the craft of brewing coffee and making beautiful things.


  • Inspired by Art – The shape of the Dripper is inspired by Origami, the art of folding.
  • Highest Quality Ceramics – Mino Porcelain has a 400 years history with renowned quality.
  • Enhanced Flow – 20 deep grooves create air pockets to allow water to flow steadily through.
  • Ideal Thermal Stability – The ceramic dripper will keep your brew at a consistent temperature.
  • 2 Sizes – The ‘S’ will make 1-2 Cups and the ‘M’ 2-4 Cups.
  • High Contrast Colours – Visually stunning colour to choose from


  • 1 x Origami Dripper


Materials - Mino Porcelain
Serves - S: 1-2 Cups - M: 2-4 Cups
Dimensions - S: Φ115 X 70 (H) Exit hole Φ25mm - M: Φ138×87 (H) Exit hole Φ25mm
Compatible Paper Filter:

Available Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium

Available Colours

  • White
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Turquoise
  • Navy Blue