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ONA Coffee The Stem


ONA Coffee has created The Stem, a stand which sits on top of your scales. The Stem has been designed to increase workflow, improve cleanliness, and to protect your scales. With the Stem, you can measure every dose accurately without damaging your equipment.

The Stem works as a platform between your machine and your scales, protecting your scales from water damage and creating more space on the drip tray of your coffee machine. Lightweight, sturdy, and simple to use, the Stem is a great addition to your espresso bar.

Instead of placing your scale directly on the drip tray, place it on your bench in front of your machine and place the Stem on top of your scale. Push the scale and the Stem under your machine, so the top of the Stem is sitting under your group head. Adjust the Stem height to suit the height of your machine.


- Height: adjustable between 9.5cm - 13.5cm
- Weight: 550g
- Waterproof
- Material: Aluminium alloy, stainless steel (screws)

Compatiable Scales:

The STEM suits a number of different scales on the market, including Acaia Pearl, Acaia Pearl Black, Acaia Lunar, Hario V60 Drip Scale, and the Brewista Smart Scale II.