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Moccamaster Thermal

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Brew up to 1.25 L of delicious coffee with the Moccamaster Thermal coffee brewer. This device has been awarded certifications from the world’s leading specialty coffee organizations such as the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC for its high quality build and ability to brew delicious coffee.

This brewer features a heavy duty copper boiler that maintains the ideal brewing temperature for coffee brewing: 90 - 95 degrees Celsius. The stainless steel carafe will keep your coffee hot for hours and includes a lid for pouring and another for travel that is spill-proof.

The Moccamaster Thermal also features a 9 hole spray head that achieves even coffee ground saturation, producing brewed coffee that is flavourful and balanced.

The device is built with high grade aluminum, BPA-Free plastic, and stainless steel. It’s not one you’ll have to worry about replacing anytime soon.

Moccamaster Thermal Features

  • Precise Temperature Control - The heavy duty copper boiler maintains a steady 90 - 95 degrees Celsius, the ideal range for brewing delicious coffee.
  • Stainless Steel Carafe - Brew directly into a carafe that will keep your coffee hot (or iced coffee cold) for hours. Comes with a mixing lid for pouring a travel lid that’s spill-proof.
  • Brew Large Batches - Brew up to 1.25 L
  • Balanced, Rich Coffee - The specialized 9 hole spray head saturates all the coffee grounds evenly to brew balanced and rich coffee/
  • Coffee Association Blessed - Approved and certified by the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC for the brewer’s excellent brew and build quality.
  • Long Life Expectancy - Between the aluminum casing, stainless steel carafe, and sturdy BPA-Free plastic, we expect this brewer to last a long time.

This product includes includes:

  • 1 Moccamaster Classic
  • #4 Moccamaster Classic Filters (x100)

The Specifics

  • Dimensions: W-D-H (mm): 320 x 180 x 385
  • Carafe Capacity: 1.25 L

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