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Melitta XT180 GMC - 1.8L Glass Jug (Water Tank)

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The Cafina XT180 from Melitta is the ultimate machine for Filter Coffee. In the same design as their new generation automatic coffee machines, the XT180 is sleek and functional, taking the manual elements out of brewing delicious filter coffee.

The perfect solution for batch brewing, the Melitta Cafina XT180 GMC can make up to 125 cups of fresh filter coffee per hour. Its design includes two hotplates to keep your brew warm, and one glass server with a capacity of 1.8 litres is included.

Its refined aluminium side walls are anodised and shot blasted, with a painted stainless steel front. Combined with a robust touch display made of strong polycarbonate and a dishwasher-safe filter, these machines from Melitta are user-friendly and hard-wearing.

Please note: Melitta Cafina XT180 GMC and TWC are available with an included water tank and are not able to be connected to your water supply.


- Robust touch display with LCD panel and LED signals
- 2 x hotplates to keep your brew warm
- 1 full jug = 15 cups of filter coffee
- Easily choose your quantities using the touch display panel
- Jug detector which automatically stops and interrupts the brewing process, stopping and opening the filter outlet.
- Programme button offers options: pre-brew (bloom) setting, heating period setting, stand-by mode.
- The AromaSelector allows you to choose your coffee strength. This function changes the flow of water and the amount of time in which the water in in contact with the coffee grounds.
- Descaling setting: The CALC button on the display will light up red if too much lime scale has built up within the boiler of the machine. Fill the boiler with at least 5 cups of descaling solution, press the red CALC button and the descaling process with automatically begin and do the hard work for you.
- Sound functions: you can program the Melitta Cafina XT180 to emit sounds to let you know that the water quantity has been reaching, or when your brew has finished.

Dimensions: 230mm (W) x 420mm (D) x 630mm (H). (Height includes a jug sitting on the top hotplate)