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Melitta Pro Aqua Claris Filter Cartridge


The Melitta Pro Aqua Espresso Filter Cartridge is the ideal filter to treat the water of your fully automatic coffee machines for reliable filtering of limescale and other substances from the water.

Lowering your water hardness and removing excess minerals that can be harmful to your machine over time, reduces the risk of blockages in your machine's pipes. This protection avoids calcification of the water lines in your appliance, so you have to descale less often. 

Due to the noticeably improved water quality, the coffee flavours can fully develop in the extraction process, coffee will taste better and your machine will run smoother warding off any unwanted and unexpected breakdowns increasing the life of your machine. The water filter should be replaced regularly – at the latest after two months.

Melitta Pro Aqua Espresso Filter Cartridge FEATURES

High Performance Filtering – Targeting Limescale and reducing Water Hardness.

Easy to Install – Simple to use, place it in your Fully Automatic Machine for peace of mind.

Reduces Breakdowns – Increasing the life of the machine, by using only the best water.

No Residual Taste or Odor – Better quality water improves the taste of your coffee.


  • Melitta Pro Aqua Espresso Filter Cartridge


Quantity 1 Cartridge
Duration 2-3 months of Daily Use.
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