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Melitta Pour Over Jug 0.6L


The Melitta Pour Over Jug 0.6L is a beautifully designed High-quality porcelain Jug, with a 600ml capacity, that makes the pour over brewing an enjoyable experience. The Melitta porcelain jug is robust and heat-resistant, this means it won't break when exposed to heat or cold. Thanks to its removable lid, the jug is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Porcelain is a good conductor of heat and once warmed up will hold its temperature very well. In using the Jug for pour over, it’s recommended to forest add some boiling water into the jug prior to placing your brew water in there. This will help to maintain a very stable temperature for when it’s time to begin brewing. 

From the comfortable open handle, control over precise pouring of hot water throughout pour over brewing is possible with a fine spout allowing effective flow control of the water onto the bed of coffee. 

Controlling the Flow means you’ll be able to extend the brew time and extract all the best possible flavours from the coffee to enjoy a rich and delicious brew. The Melitta Pour Over Jug is limited to pouring water but could be used to brew tea or even serve straight out of. Available in White and Red porcelain.

Melitta Pour Over Jug 0.6L FEATURES

High Quality Porcelain – Smooth and lovely to hold, Porcelain makes a great choice for brewing because of its thermal stability.

0.6L Capacity – Perfect for 1-2 cups of coffee.

Dishwasher Safe – The Melitta Pour-Over Jug is Dishwasher Safe for quick and easy cleaning.

Removable Lid – Makes easier work to get inside to clean. 

Two Colours – With a White or Red Jug to choose from.


  • Melitta Pour Over Jug 0.6L


Materials Porcelain
Capacity 600ml
Cleaning Dishwasher Safe


Available Colours

  • White
  • Red