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Melitta Coffee Measuring Spoon


The practical Melitta Coffee Measuring Spoon makes it easy to measure ground coffee. The correct ratio of coffee to water and water temperature is the key to the perfect cup of filter coffee. According to taste, simply increase or reduce the amounts for a milder or stronger cup of coffee.

With 8g, 10g and 12g you’ll be able to precisely dose out the coffee for your brew and do this time and time again to ensure you always use the same amount of coffee each cup. Find a recipe that works and you’ll be enjoying consistently great coffee.

Melitta coffee measuring spoon FEATURES

Accurate Measuring – 8g, 10g & 12g levels will ensure you can hit any ratio and recipe you need. 

Increased Consistency – You want to measure your coffee to water as it’s an important factor to ensure it’s replicable if it tastes good.

Better Tasting Coffee – Measuring your coffee will help you understand the strength and flavour parameters to brewing a better tasting cup of coffee.


  • Melitta coffee measuring spoon


Materials Plastic
Measuring  8g, 10g & 12g


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