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Melitta Amano Pour Over Set



Exceptional aesthetics and maximum functionality – your Melitta® AMANO coffee maker brings outstanding design and superior taste together in perfect harmony. Ingenious details that result in the highest taste experience. And with a style like no other. A Pour Over ritual which moves all the senses.


Soft silicone stoppers in the filter ring allow for a gentle insertion of the filter holder and the perfect fit.


Removable with open design – for maximum convenience and a preparation experience encompassing all the senses.


Easy removal of the glass jug before the end of the brewing process without any annoying dripping – for coffee lovers who can't wait.


High-quality, heat-resistant and with a particularly nice shape – also dishwasher safe.


The filter ring and stand are joined by elegant metal side posts. The heavy metal bottom with an anti-slip mat provides a safe grip.

A few seconds change everything.

Give your coffee time to let its full aroma unfold – 10 to 20 seconds to be precise. Close the filter holder outlets. This enables the coffee bed to be optimally dampened and perfect for the extraction process to follow. Pour a little water on the freshly ground coffee, only enough to dampen the entire portion of coffee. Now the blooming begins. And you can see it. Gases caused by roasting escape, which you can see in the generation of bubbles on the surface of the coffee. This improves the coffee extraction, and the essence of the taste can be perfectly developed. The result is a full aroma. So, you should treat yourself and your coffee to these extra few seconds.

Timing is everything.

Once the blooming process is over, turn the knob to open the filter holder outlets. Pour the water slowly and in a circular motion evenly over the ground coffee. At a speed which keeps the level of water in the filter only just above the coffee bed at all time. As a rule of thumb: the pouring speed is the same as the draining speed. The filter ribs and the two outlets provide the ideal flow. The result: an even extraction.

Not a drop.

Thanks to the drip stop, you can remove the jug without a mark. And because the drip stop is inside the removable filter holder, you can easily dispose of the used filter paper without leaving behind coffee drips on the way to the rubbish bin. The filter and jug are dishwasher-safe, so you have time for other of life's pleasures too.