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Mazzer Rest Fork - Various


Give your portafilter a place to rest while grinding with the Mazzer Rest Fork – Various. This spare rest fork easily attaches to most Mazzer grinder models and makes replacing a broken or damaged rest fork a breeze. Don’t even consider going without one—they help your baristas multi-task during grinding without spilling and wasting grounds.

Note: Not compatible with “Mini E” models.

Compatible with:

  • Mazzer Major Automatic Grinder
  • Mazzer Major Deli Grinder
  • Mazzer Major Electronic Grinder
  • Mazzer Robur Automatic Grinder
  • Mazzer Robur Electronic Grinder
  • Mazzer Super Jolly Auto Grinder
  • Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic Grinder
  • Mazzer Kony Electronic Grinder
  • Mazzer Mini Auto Grinder
  • Mazzer Mini Filter Grinder