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Mazzer Major V Electronic Grinder


The Mazzer Major V Electronic Grinder comes along as a new addition to the Mazzer range, using updated technology and design approaches to improve on grinds retention, is more precise with dose consistency, and is equipped with new bluetooth capabilities built in to its updated control panel, so you can keep track of the grinders statistics throughout the day.

Large 83mm Steel Flat burrs on the Major V are an ideal size for fast and efficient grinding speeds. The Flat Burrs noticeably produce a smaller grind size distribution and therefore add to the quality of each espresso that is brewed. 

Dual motor cooling fans work to reduce heating during operation and a welcomed addition to the Major V is the GFC or Grind Flow Control System. The GFC is a removable aluminum insert into the grinds chute that is aimed at drastically reducing static electricity whilst managing the flow of the grinds out into your portafilter for reliable consistency between doses. 

With Improved Grind Flow Control comes Dose Consistency

A new electronic control panel offers three dose options, each can be changed to a 1/100 Sec. Quick and easy changes are made purposeful so you can keep dialled in even through a busy rush. Adding a pause during a dose is possible, and this helps you settle the bed of coffee without having to touch a thing. 

The new built‐in memory board is internet-connectable and this way you’re able to keep track of all the important data of the Grinder throughout the day, making it helpful to improve on efficiency and schedule serving without delay.

The Major V features an improved system for cleaning with the top of the grinder completely being removed you’ll have full access to the burr chamber without unscrewing off the top burrs and losing your grind settings. 

Making grinding adjustment is user-friendly, with a “Memory Track” index that lets you mark waypoints in the settings, so you know what you were last one. An adjustable portafilter holder provides true hands-free grinding for your barista, for effortless efficiency, freeing you up to focus on other duties.

Ideal For: Medium-HIgh Volume Cafes


Latest Cloud Technology – Keep connected to your Grinder via internet capabilities. 

83mm Flat Burrs — Fast and precise grinding for the best possible espresso flavour. 

Adjustable Portafilter Rest — Hands-Free Grinding is possible for faster, efficient service.

Grind Flow Control System – Equipped to limit static and maintain reliable dose weights.

Electronic Control — Set dosing time for single, double and triple shots with 0.05sec increments

Dual Motor Fans — Reduces heat and helps keep the grinder cool in warm environments. 


  • 1 x Mazzer Major V Electronic Grinder


Burrs 83mm Flat Burrs
Hopper Capacity 1.6kg
Motor 650W
RPM 1400
Grinding Speed 3g / Sec
Adjustment Stepless
Dimensions (mm) (H) 681 x (W) 252 x (D) 475
Weight 20.5kg



  • Black
  • Silver