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Mazzer Major V Automatic Grinder

Color: Black

The Mazzer Major V Automatic Grinder is the latest update to long awaited updates from Mazzer to their most reliable and popular Cafe grinders. The Mazzer Major V still featuring rapid 83mm flat burrs, a stepless grind collar, and an auto-fill function for the doser, with over-all improvements for a smoother more reliable Barista quality focussed performance.  

The 83mm flat burrs deliver consistently uniform grounds for espresso super quick with burrs spinning at 1400-1600 rpm. The improved stepless grind collar has added a wider range of grinding capacity and incudes a no loss grind setting if you removed the burrs to clean and replace them.

As a doser automatic grinder, whilst running, the grinder will consistently keep the doser hopper full with freshly ground coffee every 12 doses. This gives you a continual supply of when you need it and reduces the time between each shot. The doser can be adjusted to dispense between 5.5 and 8g of coffee.

The Mazzer Major V Automatic includes a 1.6kg hopper and upgraded lever action on the doser for faster, more efficient flow of grounds into the portafilter. A newly formed deep grind catch tray keeps mess to a minimum.

Ideal For: Medium to High-Volume Cafes


  • 83mm Flat Burrs — Produce consistent and precise grounds for espresso.
  • Update Stepless Grinds Collar — Now with wider grind adjustment and smoother rotation.  
  • Automatic Grinding — Grinds every 12 Doses and keeps the doser full during busy periods.
  • Easy Doser — Improved Flick and dose lever for ease of use for the Barista.
  • No Loss Grind Setting — Can now remove burrs and retain the setting for afterwards. 


  • 1 x Mazzer Major V Electronic Grinder

Burrs - 83mm
Hopper Capacity - 1.6kg
Doser Capacity - 280g
Motor - 650W
RPM - 1400-1600
DImensions -  (W) 252 x (D) 475 x (H) 681 (MM)
Weight - 20.5kg