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Macap M2M M2D Blades/Burrs 50mm


When it comes to keeping your  M2M or M2D Grinders performing to a high standard over many years, you can’ go past a new set of Macap M2 Blades/Burrs 50mm.

Maintain a high standard for espresso by refreshing your Macap M2 grinder with new blades periodically to sustain accurate and precise grinding operation.. Designed to fit in all M2 Grinders, they’ll keep your grounds uniform and consistent, your shots crisp and clean.

Macap M2 Blades/Burrs 50mm Features

Higher Accuracy  – With new sharp burrs, dialling in and finding that sweet spot is like having a brand new grinder again. 

Faster Grinding – With sharper burrs, they’ll grind and cut the beans upto 50% faster than dull ones.

Increased Longevity – Keep your Macap M2 grinding performing for years, like new, with replaceable burrs.  

This Product Includes:

  • Macap M2 Blades/Burrs 50mm

The Specifics

Macap M2 Blades/Burrs 50mm is compatible with

Size 50mm
Material Steel
Holes 3
Style Flat