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The Little Guy Induction Top

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We've been asked so many times "What is the perfect heat source for the Little Guy?", and so we've created it.

Careful consideration was given to the optimum heating solution and induction was chosen for its accuracy and efficiency. the Little Guy induction top is an instrument specifically developed to drive the Little Guy precisely in a reputed performance.

Why will the Little Guy work on the Little Guy induction top and not on normal induction tops?

We spent over two years working with electrical engineers and manufacturers to create an induction technology that will work with the Little Guy's solid 304 grade stainless steel boiler base. the Little Guy induction top uses a customized sensor system that engages with stainless steel where that other induction technology won't.

Five cooking settings, independent of the little guy setting, offer the use of many accouterments formerly unusable on standard induction cook tops. the Little Guy induction top is versatile far beyond making espresso with the Little Guy.

Additional features include

  • a built in alert, sounding at the start of the extraction
  • touch screen controls
  • an automatic cut out, in the event you forget to switch the induction top off at the end of brewing
  • five independent heat settings that are ideal for suitable kettles and cookware. (lowest heat 300w up to 1200w at the highest)
  • the surface area of the little guy induction top is smaller than an A4 page, ideal for small kitchens and traveling.