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Lido Espresso (E) Hand Grinder

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The worlds of espresso and hand grinders find harmony in the Lido Espresso (E) Hand Grinder. This isn’t any old wobbly hand grinder - this is a precise and powerful masterpiece. If you’re an espresso lover and want to grind coffee with extreme precision and consistency, you’ve found the perfect hand grinder to do so.

This grinde - built from the ground up for espresso - features micro stepless adjustments that allow you to grind your coffee to the perfect size without being limited by a defined number of settings and gives you complete control over the grind size. The 48mm Swiss stainless steel conical burrs are crisp, easy to clean, and will last for years and years.

The turning knob features a soft grip, which provides a high level of comfort while you grind. The ConeTop™ portafilter dosing tool makes transferring the grounds to your portafilter a painless and mess-free task. The bronze dual axle bearing system maintains consistency and precision, keeps your grinder from coming unaligned, and can be replaced for a lifetime of use.

The Lido Espresso (E) Hand Grinder comes with a natural bristle cleaning brush, a hex assembly tool, and a rubber counter stand. The grinder itself is made with stainless steel, chrome plated aluminum, bronze, rubber, and BPA-Free plastic.

Lido Espresso (E) Hand Grinder Features

  • Made For Espresso - Designed from the bottom up to function perfectly with espresso brewing.
  • Micro Stepless Adjustments - Grind coffee to the perfect size, unhindered by a limited number of grind setting options. A non-negotiable for espresso brewing.
  • 48mm Conical Burrs - Made with Swiss stainless steel to perform at peak efficiency for years and years.
  • Easy Portafilter Dosing - The ConeTop™ portafilter dosing tools allows you to easily get your ground coffee into your portafilter - mess free.
  • Soft Grip Turning Knob - Comfortable grinding makes everyone happier.
  • Bronze Dual Axle Bearing System - Maintains grind consistency and accuracy and is easily replaceable for a lifetime of use.

This product includes:

  • Lido Espresso (E) Hand Grinder
  • Natural Bristle Cleaning Brush
  • Custom Hex Assembly Tool
  • Rubber Counter Stand
  • ConeTop Portafilter Dosing Tool

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, BPA-Free Plastic, Bronze, Rubber
  • Dimensions:  33cm (H) x 7.6cm Diameter
  • Weight: 1022g
  • Burrs: 48mm Swiss Conical Steel
  • Hopper Capacity: 70g

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