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LeverPresso Filter Basket


The Leverpresso Filter basket holds 19g of coffee, with a 51cm internal diameter. It is made to be compatible with the LeverPresso Espresso Maker. With two options of filter baskets available, you can choose to go with a Pressurised Basket or a Non-Pressurised Basket.


  • Non-Pressurised Filter Basket – One hole out the bottom to create a back pressure, designed to be used without an espresso grinder.
  • Pressurised Filter Basket – Standard Filter Basket with precision stamped holes across the surface on the filter.
  • Improved Capacity – 51cm Diameter baskets manufactured to hold up to 20g of ground coffee. 
  • Portable Espresso Brewing — Empowers you to make espresso anywhere
  • Pulls Double Shots — With a 120ml water tank and a 17g portafilter, you can pull full double shots 


  • 1 x LeverPresso Filter Basket


Materials - Stainless Steel
Filter Capacity - 20g
Diameter - Ø 51cm