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LeverPresso Espresso Maker

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Leverpresso allows you to brew a rich double shot of espresso anywhere. Featuring the ability to brew with a steady 9 bars of pressure, a 19g portafilter, and enhanced durable build, the Leverpresso is a great option for enjoying espresso at home and away compared or on the road.

Adding upwards of 120ml of water from the top and pressing down on the arms will begin the brewing process and you’re able to water the extraction throughout because of the naked portafilter at the bottom.


  • Portable Espresso Brewing — Empowers you to make espresso anywhere.
  • Improved Stainless Steel Shower Screen — Latest model with the Stainless Shower Screen
  • User-Friendly Levers — Added durability to the side levers– easy for newcomers to espresso to use.
  • 9 Bars of Pressure — Generates a consistent 9 bars of pressure that last throughout the majority of the brewing cycle.
  • Pulls Double Shots — With a 120ml water tank and a 19g portafilter, you can pull full double shots 
  • Increased Stronger Build — With Version 3.0 improving upon the whole strength and durability of the Leverpresso there’s no chance of leaks and pressure through extraction is exactly what you get for heaps of crema and a rich taste.


  • 1 x LeverPresso Espresso Maker Black
  • Spare o-ring seal
  • Portafilter Brush


Materials - BPA-Free Tritan Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone
Water Capacity - 120ml
Portafilter Capacity - 19g – Non-pressurised
Weight - 440g
Dimensions - 86mm x 70mm x 180mm