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La Marzocco Diffuser Screw SS


La Marzocco Diffuser Screw SS is the diffuser screw that replaces the older style version L106V02 and is fully retrofittable in all machines. The four holes in the A5110 have been designed for improved extraction and more efficient steam flush on espresso machines where the auto-steam function is available.

Holding up the Shower Screen on the La Marzocco, the diffuser screw is the achilles to a perfect espresso shot, managing the flow of water out over the dispersion / shower screen and applying the water evenly to the bed of coffee as well as continuing and even and steady flow to the basket for the boiler.

La Marzocco Diffuser Screw SS FEATURES

Improved Design – Increasing the extraction and flavour of your espresso.

Retrofittable – To apply to all machines, old and new, including those with auto-steam flush.

Stainless Steel – Ultimate protection and longevity.


  • La Marzocco Diffuser Screw SS


  • Compatible on LM Models: Linea PB, Strada MP, Strada EP, GB5/FB80, GS3, Linea & Classic/FB70.