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Kinto Unitea Plastic


Tea is meant to be an all-encompassing experience, and the Kinto UniTea Stainless brewer leaves no aspect out. The heat resistant glass pot provides a display that will elevate your tea moment as the leaves uncurl and the color of the water becomes full of color.

The stainless steel filter allows all the flavour of your tea leaves to enter your final cup. There’s no paper bag to soak up flavourful oils, and the brewing area is large enough that the leaves can stretch out as much as they need to give you their flavour.

All teapots in the Kinto UniTea line include elements that are interchangeable. If you find another UniTea lid or infuser you like, it will work with this teapot.

The Kinto UniTea range has earned the Good Design Award in Japan for its beauty and ability to facilitate incredible tea experiences.

Kinto UniTea Stainless Features

  • A Visual Experience - The heat resistant glass teapot provides an incredible visual experience as the leaves uncurl and the color of the water slowly changes.
  • Reusable Filter - The reusable stainless steel filter will enable you to reduce teabag waste for many years.
  • Changeable Parts - All parts in the Kinto UniTea line are interchangeable, so you can build the teapot you’d like to use.

Available Styles:

This product includes includes:

  • 1 Glass Carafe
  • 1 Stainless Steel Infuser
  • 1 Pot Lid

The Specifics

  • Heat Resistant Glass, Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Capacity: 520ml or 700ml

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