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Kinto Brass Brewer Stand Set


The Slow Coffee Style Specialty Series S02 has been designed to elevate the ritual of slow coffee brewing.

The S02 Brewer Set includes four pieces: a stand, a stainless steel filter, a coffee jug and a filter holder.

The brewer stand with it's dignified look combines wood in a deep coloured walnut and brass that has been blasted to suit a vintage style. Functionality is always considered in all of Kinto's designs and the Brewer Set is no different. The wooden base resists coffee stains due to a special coating and the stainless steel filter has a titanium coating that prevents odours of the drinks from remaining. You can also use the knob to adjust the height of the stand allowing you to brew slow coffee into any mug or server. The server has been especially designed so that it is narrow around the top rim so that it does not miss any drip of coffee brewed.

This beautiful brass brewer set is a truly special and unique gift for any coffee lover.

The Slow Coffee Style Specialty series is a special selection of coffeeware products inspired by the passion of craftsmen, seeking the best materials, thoughtfully crafting and carefully finessing to create items of distinguished character. Their dedication and eye for detail translates through their products, bring warmth and comfort to the user. Through collaborations with Japanese craftsmen, we bring you coffeeware that enriches the ritual of savouring each cup of hand brewed coffee.