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Keepcup Brew Limited Edition Cork - Press


The Keepcup Brew Cork is the perfect cup to enjoy your daily coffee from. This Cork series is the first "barista standard" reusable coffee cup featuring a newly designed lid that is more spill resistant. The Cork Series band was designed with two key factors in mind, aesthetics, usability and heat resistance. This has ensured that your hands are safe from your hot coffee.

The crop used in this Keepcup series is sustainably sourced from the ancient cork oak forests of Portugal and manufactured from recycled waste material left from the wine industry.  The cork material itself has unmatched environmental credentials. It’s light, biodegradable, antibacterial and is an incredible insulator with its superior thermal qualities.

The Keepcup range is perfect for coffee lovers who are quite often moving around and also environmentally conscious. Made from recyclable materials, the Cork Keepcup is the pinnacle of recyclables and sustainability. Every year over 25 billions cups are used for take away coffee, often arriving in land fill, through the use of your keep cup at home and at your cafe you are helping to reduce this number and make the world a clearer place to live.

Cup made of borosilicate glass.
Lids are machine washable.
Limited-edition cork models are hand-wash only. Silicone models are machine washable.
Made of recyclable materials


1 x Keep Cup Brew Limited Edition Cork - Press (Size of Choice)

Available Sizes:

  • 8Oz
  • 12Oz
  • 16Oz

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