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Kalita Neo Woods Wave Dripper 185


Form and function are at the heart of all Kalita brewers and the all natural Kalita Neo Woods Wave Dripper 185 is no exception. With a beautifully crafted wood holder featuring a stunning 1-4 Cup Cone-glass, flat bottom brewer, it uses specific wave filters and a 3 hole dripper for a clean crisp pour over extraction.

Brew balanced and delicious coffee easily with the Kalita Neo Woods Dripper 185. The flat-bottom design, using Kalita’s very own wave-style filters, and the crystal clear glass walls, maximise the flow and heat retention of the brew whilst pouring. 

The Specifically designed filters help keep a majority of the heat and flow of water centralised and away from the sides. The wave filters force the coffee grounds and water to remain in contact for the entire brew, encouraging even more consistency and balance.

The flat-bottom slows down the draining to encourage a more balanced and consistent extraction. Basic Kalita Wave Instructions:

  • Grind 30g of coffee at a medium setting and place into the filter
  • Pour 60ml of hot water over the grounds, then rest for 30 seconds.
  • Pour the remaining 510ml of water in slow, concentric circles.
  • When draining is complete, pour and enjoy.

The end result is 1-4 cups of a delicious brew that’s balanced and pleasant in every way.

The borosilicate glass body is beautiful to look at and makes coffee brewing a pleasant experience visually. Available in a Neo Woods Square or Neo Woods Drop with circular shape and handle attached.


Wood Features – A Beautifully crafted pour over set made from natural products.

Flat-Bottom Pour Over Brewing – Encourage a more controlled bed depth and water flow achieving a more consistent extraction. 

Patented Wave Filter – Keeps all the coffee interacting with water to ensure that all the grounds extract evenly throughout the entire process.

Brews 1-4 Cups – Perfect for brewing for more than one person, though brewing single cups is still an option.

Visually Stunning – Borosilicate glass looks incredible and gives you a glimpse into the coffee brewing process from a side angle.


  • Kalita 185 Glass Dripper
  • Neo Woods Holder
  • Neo Woods Brewer Rest
  • 50 x 185 Wave Filters


  • Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Wood
  • Brews: 1-4 Cups



  • Kalita Square Neo Woods Wave Dripper 185
  • Kalita Drop Neo Woods Wave Dripper 185