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Kalita Copper Coffee Dripper


The Kalita Copper Coffee Dripper brings a new level of durability, heat retention and stunning looks to the barista favorite Kalita Dripper range. Known for it's conductivity to heat, Copper offers consistency to produce very reliable results back to back. The Copper flat-V shaped brewer retains heat very well and ensures for ideal heat in the slurry and a balanced and even extraction.

Some of the best pour over coffee you’ll ever taste.

The Kalita brewer’s flat bottom bed and 3 draining holes encourage slower drainage, maximising water to coffee contact and adding to a more rounded profile. This means the flavour to the coffee is not highlighted up or down in aspects but is a very smooth, a round cup that everyone can enjoy.

The Copper body features a classic Kalita shape and insulates brewing coffee very well. The BPA-Free plastic handle is comfortable and able to be handled, even with near-boiling water in the brewer. Throw it in a bag and take it on your journeys without worry. The reliable sturdiness of the Kalita Copper Dripper is noticeable and makes a great piece for any home brewers kit. Available in a 101 (1-2 Cups) and a 102 (1-4 Cup) size.


Even Bed, Even Extraction – The flat bottom bed with three holes encourages even extraction to result in a balanced, flavourful cup of coffee.

Thermal Conductivity – Known for its fantastic thermal conductivity, copper can maintain ideal temperatures for brewing.

Consistent Success – The brewer’s forgiving mechanics make brewing delicious coffee easy and accessible.

V-Style Pour Over – Unique to the Kalita range, this V shape has a slight flat bottom, and three holes to maximise drainage.


Size 101 Dripper 102 Dripper
Materials Copper, BPA-Free Plastic Handle
Capacity 1-2 Cups 2-4 Cups
Weight 200g 255g
Paper Filter Compatible Kalita Copper Coffee Dripper 101 Paper Filters Kalita Copper Coffee Dripper 102 Paper Filters


Available Sizes

  • Kalita Copper Coffee Dripper 101
  • Kalita Copper Coffee Dripper 102