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Shop Black Friday Deals Early!

Icon Chef Carafe 1300ml


The main feature of the carafe is its Smart Seal, which aerates the liquid as you pour into a glass. It’s perfect for wine, but aerating nice coffees and teas enhances their flavours as well. Next time you have a guest over and want to treat them to something nice, grab this Icon Chef Carafe—your guest will love it!


  • Aerate Coffee + Wine — Smart Seal aerates your liquid as you pour, making it perfect for wine, a special brew of coffee, or anything else you want to enhance the taste of.
  • Multi-Functional — Simple, versatile design makes this carafe great for serving coffee, wine, or even making fruit-infused water.
  • Self-Stopping Lid — Opens when you pour, closes when you stop.
  • 1.3L Capacity — The perfect size for multi-day use or dinner parties.