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Hottop B Coffee Roaster

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Full Features of commercial style coffee roasting is at your disposal with the B2K+ which is the flagship home coffee roaster from Hottop. With the Hoptop B2k+, Model KN-8828B2K+, you get a full-specification, high-quality roaster with infinite control and no boundaries to hold you back from the love and craft of roasting coffee..

Having full control over total roast time, target roasting temperature, your fan speed, and heater power, these can be easily changed during the roast. The combination of variables that are subject to programming changes are virtually infinite on the Hottop B2K+.

Using three push buttons on the control panel for starting and stopping roasts and approving changes, four bi-directional, infinite-rotation speed-sensitive knobs provide for absolute ease and fast parameter changes during the roast, being able to variably change everything from the fan speed, temperature control, target temperature, and target time.

The Hottop B uses not one but two K-Thermocouples for separate read outs of bean temperature (BT) and environmental temperature (ET) for real-time monitoring. Both temperatures are displayed on the advanced High-Contrast LED screen throughout the roast.

The incentive to produce a good roast is backed up by the adjusted profile able to be saved at the end of the roast and played back, saving up to 3 profiles at once. A further Bi-directional USB port supports third party software for real-time monitoring and graphing a roasts curve along with computer control of the roasters parameters.

Hottop B Coffee Roaster FEATURES

Full Variable Parameter Roasting – With infinite possibilities to impact and control a roast curve.

Auto and Manual Modes Available – Save 3 Profiles to follow or roast with intuition. 

Dual Temperature Display Bean temperature and Environmental temperature for real-time monitoring.

Built-in Smoke Reduction System – A two-stage Air Filter keeps the smoke to a minimum.

Generous Chaff Tray – Collecting chaff with each roast, easy pull out tray to empty.

10cm Roast Window –Look for those visual signals of your coffee roast progression.

Numerous Safety Functions – Three separate temperature safety points electronically monitored during the roast.

Improved Display – With the ability to count up or down.

External Cooling Tray – With agitation arm and forced-air cooling fan. Beans cool in 4 to 5 minutes.


  • Hottop KN-8828B2K+ Coffee Roaster
  • Cooling Tray with Agitation Arm
  • Heat Guard Rail


Batch Capacity 300g Green Beans Max | 240g once roasted.
Power Supply 230-240V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (cm) Roaster: (W) 25.5 (D) 48 (H) 35.5

Drum: (ø) 10 x (L) 8

Viewing Window: (ø) 4

Weight 10.5kg
In Roast Controls Start, Stop, Time up/down, Fan speed up/down, Heater power up/down
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Heating Indirect hot air (0~30 minutes)
Temperature Control  80ºC – 220ºC


Available Styles

  • Hottop P (Hottop KN-8828P2K)
  • Hottop B2k+ (Hottop KN-8828B-2K)