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HeyCafe Titan 1 ODG V3 Coffee Grinder


HeyCafe Titan 1 ODG Coffee Grinder is a powerful commercial coffee grinder, suitable for the home or cafe with On-Demand Grinding performance, a 1.2kg Hopper and with 58mm Steel Flat Burrs, the Titan 1 efficiently doses out hand-free directly into the portafilter, freeing up the barista to other tasks.

Clean Grinding Operation

The Titan 1 is a clean and smooth operator and uses a side-wheel grind adjustment mechanism that moves the bottom burr up and down rather than a collar adjuster that changes the top burr, and this provides very easy adjustments that are kept accurate and consistent even after the maintenance has been carried out. 

A further challenge with Espresso Grinders is avoiding blockages within the grinds chute. The Titan 1’s chute is fully accessible from a removable clear cover so you can get right to the clump crush, at the burrs, quickly to remove any blockages and regularly clean the chute out without extensive downtime of the machine.

Universal Portafilter for Hands-Free Grinding

The Universal Cradle for your group handle is adjustable to hold any portafilter, having the chute aim directly down into the basket achieves clean dosing accuracy and very little retention thanks to the limited amount of travel the grinds need to make to get from the burrs to the basket. Simply place your portafilter into the cradle, it will automatically begin grinding. Remove it again for it to stop.

A reliable choice for a Cafe Grinder, using a 1.2kg hopper you’ll be supported by 2.5g/sec fast grind times and flat burrs that produce very limited grind size distribution and a clean, sweet, balanced yet complex espresso; enjoyed by balck and white coffee drinkers alike.

HeyCafe Titan 1 ODG V3 Coffee Grinder FEATURES

On-Demand Grinder – Using the Freshest Coffee makes the tastiest espresso. Grind only as you need it.

58mm Flat Burrs – Known to produce very sweet, well balanced and complex espressos.

Fast Operation – Grinding out a full dose in under 9 seconds.

Direct Grind Path – A limited grinding path eliminates retention and static build up, avoiding blockages.

Chute Access – Easily access the Clump Crusher and chute for quick simple cleaning duties without having the machine out of action.


  • HeyCafe Titan 1 ODG V3 Coffee Grinder
  • User Manual


Burrs 58mm Flat Burrs
Hopper Capacity 1.2kg
Grind Adjustment Stepless
Dimensions 360mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 520mm (H)
Weight 7kg
Material Stainless steel burrs, aluminum body, plastic Hopper
Power 250W
Grinding Speed 2 - 2.5g / Sec
Voltage 230v ( Australian Standard Compatibility ) 


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