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HeyCafe HC-880 LAB Shop Grinder


The HeyCafe HC-880 LAB Shop Grinder is a large Grocery style Grinder that functions as an efficient benchtop grinder for your high volume retail grinding of beans and wholesale orders. Supporting  precise grinding performance, using 84mm Flat Steel Burrs and 550W Power, the HC-800 and HC-800 S will grind out at approximately 450g/min.

With a Bean Hopper of 2kg, there’s plenty of room to be adding a full bag of beans, with a practical bag clip at the grinding chute enabling you to grind straight into a bag, hassle-free.

For Commercial, High Volume Retail / Wholesale Grinding needs

Heavy-duty, thick sheet metal body construction provides the maximum robustness to be used in roasters and industrial sized grinding operations.

The HC-800 S comes in a smaller footprint for more efficient use of space, but does not loose any of the quality and performance of the larger model HC-800. Making Stepless Grinding Adjustments on the HC-800 Lab Grinder, provides professional accuracy with precision and repeatability of grind sizes for reliability and reproducible results.

With a convenient powder shaker at the chute makes easy cleaning to compete complete grinding without a mess and along with a removable housings around the grinders body, access for maintenance and daily cleaning is fast and simple.

HeyCafe HC-880 LAB Shop Grinder FEATURES

High Volume Grinding – Used as a Deli, Grocery, Retail and Wholesale Grinder, the HC-800 will keep up with any demands.

Reliable Accuracy – High precision of Grind Sizes from 100micron-1000micron @ #1setting to #9 setting.

84mm Flat Burrs – Large Hardened Steel Flat Burrs proving fast grinding and limited grind size distribution. 

Clean Grinding – With a Bag Clip and Powder Shaker on the Grinds Chut, chaff and stray grinds are managed.

Easy Maintenance – Easy access for Calibration, Burr change and daily cleaning in to the body of the unit.


  • HeyCafe HC-880 (S) LAB Shop Grinder
  • User Manual
  • Tool Kit


Materials Steel, Aluminium
Burrs 84mm Flat
Grind Speeds 450g/min
Bean Hopper 2kg
Power 550w
  • HC-800 - 26kg
  • HC-800 S - 23kg
  • HC-800 - (W) 180 (L) 450 (H) 685
  • HC-800 S -  (W) 180 (L) 450 (H) 585


Available Styles

  • HC-800 Lab
  • HC-800 Lab S